Three Surprising Benefits Of Playing Poker Surprising Benefits Of Playing Poker. Poker is a card game like no other. Its basically about betting on your card with the hopes that it will outrank the other cards and win the match. Although the thought of getting a higher ranking card to win the game is simple enough by definition, its really not. You see poker consists of 50{5d880efa1518f34f878151e3b7d62b4a52005a791caa50a57c515296002daa9f} percent skill and 50{5d880efa1518f34f878151e3b7d62b4a52005a791caa50a57c515296002daa9f} luck. That is even being contested by some by lessening the percentage of luck. The reason behind this is because poker matches are won by both and although luck thus help get you some really good cards, but the fact is, there is still a probability that you will lose to the right enemy that has more skills than you. Have you ever watched casino Royale before? You should!

Although poker is gambling, there is actually more to poker than just the usual betting, winning and losing. There are actually things that you can learn just by playing poker. There is a reason why poker is the most popular card game of all time and that is mostly attributed to winning and learning some “street smart” poker skills, there are other things that you can learn just by playing poker which will be further elaborated below.


It helps you improve your concentration: Poker can help you increase your concentration, this is because poker is a mind game. You need to know how to read your enemies and that requires concentration. Its way more interesting to concentrate on things like poker because there are things on the line, all the more if the stakes are very high. Give it a try and you will realize that.

It helps you develop your patience: In poker you need to be a predator and not the prey. You need to wait patiently for an opportunity before you strike. The aim of poker is to win, there’s only going to be one winner and that will be the person that is more skilful, cunning and patient. This is the reason why professional poker matches aren’t as rowdy or as loud as amateur poker, try to watch one and you will see.

It’s a good life teacher: Poker is a good life teacher but it’s up to you whether you will dismiss it or acknowledge it. Life is like poker, most of the time you will lose, and sometimes you will win in matches. The most important thing in poker especially if you’re still new is to learn in both experiences and use it for your next match. You can never be good at poker overnight, but with the right push, dedication, perseverance, and a positive attitude you will. You just need to commit to playing one.

A game of poker is unique, this is because unlike other casino games, it does not just rely on luck alone. It also demands skill. This is the reason why many people are into playing one. Aside from that, poker teaches you specific skills to win every match, poker also teaches you to be patient, it helps you improve your concentration and its a good life teacher. If you want to start your poker career, start it with poker online.